Soughton Hall | A history worth mentioning

Built as a Bishop’s Palace in 1714, Soughton Hall has been the cherished home to a succession of heirs in the Wynne-Bankes family line.

Distinguished residents have included a Bishop, two knights, three High Sheriffs, a Chaplin to Queen Victoria, a Lord Chief Justice, a Lord Chancellor’s secretary and in William John Bankes, one of the greatest travellers  and collectors of the early nineteenth century.

It was William John who was responsible for re-working Soughton Hall in the 1820s. Inspired by his adventures in the Middle East he added the mullioned windows, the first floor drawing room and dining room and the Islamic turrets upon the court walls. His plans were drawn by fellow traveller Charles Barry, later Sir Charles Barry, architect of the British Houses Of Parliament.

When it was purchased by the Rodenhurst family in 1987 the Hall required extensive refurbishment to return it to it’s former glory. John and Rosemary Rodenhurst managed much of the work personally as well as raising their family. Rosemary’s interior design expertise were put to the test again in early 2007 when all the public areas were restored with all decadence and splendour this historic building deserves.

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